My new favourite game blog: Fidgit

Fidgit is well-written, with thoughtful articles rather than the flood of gibberish pouring out of Kotaku these days. In my search for classic sci-fi games I landed on the article ‘10 videogames that redefine science fiction‘ and ended up grabbing Outcast and Startopia which are old but fantastic games I highly recommend, if only for the nostalgia of when games were about fun instead of graphics.

I think I have all my bases covered now:

  • Fidgit: Covers the whole gambit of PC and console games and everything in-between.
  • Rock Paper Shotgun: Similar to Fidgit, but updated more often as they have more editors.
  • The Sixth Axis: The only PS3 news source I need, most blogs just re-blog this one.
  • For all the latest trailers.
  • Supposed to be the Digg or Reddit of gaming, but usually just fills up with shitty fanboy opinions.