The Myth of the Super Programming Language

The anecdotal benefits of esoteric languages are a selection
. Here is a common scenario. Lots of really smart
programmers think they are too good to waste their talents doing mere
application programming. But they also love esoteric languages that show
off how smart they are. So you can get them to do application
programming by letting them use their beloved smarty-pants languages.
Presto, amazing results. But the ubermensch aren’t about to stoop to
maintenance programming. Once the fun development is done, they are
gone. When you bring in professional programmers to take care of things,
they are dumbfounded by the towering monument to mental masturbation.
The system gets thrown out and rewritten in a normal programming
language using normal techniques that normal people understand. The
super programmers blame it on the stupidity of the new hires, further
confirming their sense of superiority.